I wish we had a fantastic fairy tale to tell you about my music passion, and to me, actually, it is a fairy tale.

I have been in the music for more than 20 years now and had good success as a guitar player/ music producer and audio engineer (Worked with and for – Guitar player in Drain Life, Produced Picture Heavy Metal album Wings, and worked with countless singer-songwriters, beatmakers, and rappers)

I am a self-taught musician and I picked up the guitar in 1994 with some motivation of my dad. (He was a great Spanish guitar player) Not much later I started recording with some friends on some 4 and 8 track mini-disk recorders and the precursors of digital audio workstations. (Can't remember the names of the software, lol)

After playing in several bands as Singer, Drummer, and guitar player I co-founded a Metal-core band called Drain Life where we played countless shows in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Throughout the years we shared stages with great bands as Merauder, Born from Pain, Terror, and M.O.D. During this time I started producing my own band and really figuring out this audio thing and after a few releases, other bands started to connect me to produce their records from my home garage. In January 2016 I got the opportunity to rent a great studio space in Ridderkerk and I ended up quitting my 20 year Job to go for my passion and happiness running a studio. This was one of the best decisions of my life and I have never felt so free and happy. I would recommend it to everyone to follow your passion and work your ass off for it.

The simple and clear goal of this studio is to provide “High Quality” music and recordings at unbelievable prices so that everyone at a budget can afford world-class, cutting edge recordings to make their work sonically amazing & truly inspiring! Taking the best characteristics of modern software and vintage outboard that we own in our studio, and going further to push the sonic boundaries, we create truly unique and amazing sounding records at affordable prices.

We know that all the tech and equipment in the world are not enough to create a great production. It takes creativity, good ears, musicality, and great support for our artists that can truly make a studio and their producers loved by its customers. We bring you all these qualities with Red Pack productions.

Of course, don’t take my word for it 🙂 I request you to head down to our "Some of Our Work" page to hear for yourself and make a decision.

I thank you for checking out our story & wish you good luck with your music ventures!


Jonathan Merrelaar


Red Pack productions