Italian Custom Kit

Italian Custom Kit

This Italian Cutom kit pack is a fully processed drum sample package with hard Kick, Snare and Tom hits in 44.1khz 24 bit wave format. This is a handcrafted Italian drum kit. One of a kind! Perfect for your Alternative Metal/Experimental Rock sound.

  • Technical Specs

    - 21 Samples (All hard hits)

    - Recorded at 44.1kHz 24 bit in .wav formaat

    - Hardware used; Warm Audio Pre-amps and EQ's, Tegeler Audio Compressors

    - Microphones; Kick: Audix D6, AKG D12 Snare: SM57,Sennheiser C451B, Audix i5 Toms: Sennheiser E604 Room: Ocatava MK012, Aphex Ribbon

    - Fully Mixed and ready for production

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