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Exceptional Quality

World-Class Conversion. Timeless Analog Sound.

Universal Audio Apollo X

The hart of our recording studio is built around a Universal Audio Apollo X audio interface, UA Audio Interfaces are the world’s most acclaimed professional recording interfaces — giving project and commercial studios superior A/D and D/A conversion with the tone, feel, and realtime workflow of classic analog recording. Not only do we offer musicians the very best equipment, but our professional staff provides advice and guidance on how best to utilize them for your specific needs.


Nothing but the Best

Whatever it is you need to create your best work, we have it here at Red Pack productions. Our top of the line gear includes a wide selection of Microphones, from a ton of condenser microphones to Emulation microphones which are extremely useful for enhancing and recording your music, giving it that unique edge and professional touch. Ask our professional staff more about our Microphones to see which would be the best fit for your needs.

Our microphone collection include;

  • Shure 

  • Audix 

  • Sennheiser

  • AKG

  • Slate Digital

  • And many more


For every job the right tool

  • Tegeler Compressors

  • Tegeler Analog Summing 

  • Warm audio Pre-amps

  • Warm Audio EQs

  • And many more


Recording Essentials

As with all of our equipment, our musical instruments are quality assured and guaranteed to perform. We believe in form and functionality, as well as aesthetics, and offer our clients an incredible selection of top quality instruments and recording gear to choose from, including;

  • Tama Drums

  • ENGL Guitar Amplification

  • Orange Bas Amplification

  • ESP Electric Guitars

  • Dozens of guitar pedals

  • Yamaha acoustic guitars

  • Roland Keyboards

Do you have any questions? A valued member of our team would be more than happy to help.

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