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Façade - The Eternal Dark (LP)

Façade - The Eternal Dark (LP)

track list;

  1. Unmade 10:47
  2. Mask 07:30
  3. Ego 11:58
  4. Death 12:10
  5. Moksha 11:58


Deluxe double vinyl version of our latest album. Pressed on 12" 140 grams red/white marbled vinyl. Features the artwork of Liesbeth Tatjana Poot and photography of Anthea Den Hollander.


The Eternal Dance is a concept album about cycles. It features the Hindu goddess Kali on the cover, who's role in mythology is that of both a mother goddess as well as a bringer of destruction. 

The album title was inspired by the idea that our lives, our ideas, and all the things that surround us are just small motions in a larger movement: a never-ending dance that is the Universe. One motion ends, but a new one follows up to continue the dance. One life ends, but a new life is born. 
Each song on the album represents a phase in that cycle, both lyrically as well as musically. It starts heavy and energetic, and gradually moves into a more sluggish, dragging kind of vibe. 

The fifth song "Moksha"–Sanskrit for liberation and freedom–represents the release from this cycle of death and rebirth and features spoken words by the 20th-century zen philosopher Alan Watts, taken from a lecture about his thoughts on death.


released November 29, 2019 

All songs written & recorded by Façade, drums recorded at In The Room Studio, engineered by Bart Hennephof. 
Mixed by Berend Klein Haneveld, mastered by Jonathan Merrelaar at Red Pack Productions. 
Artwork by Liesbeth Tatjana Poot, photography by Anthea Den Hollander. 
Spoken words by Alan Watts.

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