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Your music, our passion

Red Pack Productions. The recording studio of the Rotterdam region.

Specialized in rock/metal and drum recordings

A selection of our work

Officium Triste - Born to Lose, Doomed t
Parels  Zoals Jouw Glimlach
Picture - 40 years heavy metal ears
Adversarius - In nomine Draconis Inferni
Deathroll - Corrupt the machine
Brooding Fear - Abomination
RPB - Dope A Mean
District of Misery - Immoral Compass
From The Heart
Guus Bok - Mijn Wereld
Spacebar - Take You Anyway
Mudguard - Different Route
Deafminds - A.D.D.
Rival Pack - Killer in the Pool
Jan Lauw en d'n draadlooze Oplaoiers - Honk 4
ArtWork Het Rooster
Roland K - Mysterious
The Tempest - Awakening
Deaf Minds - Hack the System
Rival Pack - No One Else
Elianne de Busschere - Home
Arie de Graaf - Amazing Pictures
Andre van den Berg - Er is maar een club
Adversarius - Across the Ageless Waters
Drain Life - Prelude to Extinction
Facade - Eternal dance
Evadne - Dethroned of our souls
Groovaholic - Music is Magic
Picture - Wing
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Work with a producer with a creative vision.


Tire Production

Our recording studio in Ridderkerk (Rotterdam region) offers professional recording services for bands of every genre. We have experienced technicians and the latest recording equipment to perfectly capture your sound. Contact us today to discuss how we can help realize your next music project


Voice Recordings

We have experienced technicians and high-quality recording equipment to perfectly capture your voice recordings. Whether it's recording voiceovers, audiobooks, podcasts, or vocals, we have the knowledge and talent to get the most out of your voice.



Do you want to transform your tracks into a high-quality, balanced and professional sounding whole? We work with the latest mixing and mastering equipment and techniques, including the new Apple Music standard Dolby Atmos to ensure that your music sounds perfect on any sound system. Whether you want a full album, a demo or a single mixed and mastered, we are ready to make your vision a reality. 

Our Customers say

"The Merrelaar" discovered, better late than never"

Arie van der Graaf, Guitarist Amazing Stroopwafels

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